The stability of world politics, economics, defense readiness, and privacy are fatally threatened by intractable problems created by the internet. Enemy nations and independent espionage organizations like Wikileaks have obtained and leaked billions of important American secrets directly to Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Russia, and China. Anarchists have created secret currencies and underground networks outside the watchful eye of the public where weapons, guns, and child sex slaves are trafficked by more and more people on the internet every day.

How can we work together to bring an end to the Internet?

The Stop Internet Lawlessness Law, or #STILL, is a bill proposed by US Representative Michael J. Rogers, Chairman of the Permanent Select Committe on Intelligence, and with the support of your representatives it will systematically shut down the internet one safe step at a time.

The nightmare will soon be over. Contact your representative now and tell him to Stop The Internet!


  1. The Internet says:

    Okay, I’ve had a second look at your website.

    And I am thoroughly convinced that this is a joke.

    No one, and I mean NO ONE, can possibly be this naive.

    Enjoy the bittersweet taste of laz0rs being shoved down your server’s throat.

    Love, the Internet.

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