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Shut the Internet down, for God’s sake!

April 21, 2013 in Uncategorized by admin

More pornography is consumed every day in America than in all of pre-internet human history. Gays, Transgenders, Lesbians, and even Furries (Bestiality) are now able to coordinate their activities with increasing ease. Serial killers and rapists are infiltrating Christian dating web sites at increasingly high rates, and God’s love is being pressed to its extreme. For how long will God put up with this tool of Satan, which has CORRUPTED even Pope Benedict?

The Westboro Baptist Church has quickly become the nation’s most famous congregation simply because of the influence of the internet! Constantly these perverters of the lord’s word and fiendish heretics have found their audience on the internet! Don’t let them profane God’s Love! Support the Stop Internet Lawlessness Law.

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Donate to help Stop the Internet

April 21, 2013 in Uncategorized by admin

Mike Fucking Rogers

Mike Rogers introduced CISPA – TWICE!

We can’t afford to shut down the Internet all at once, so we’re rallying the base for a donation drive. These funds will be disbursed to the campaign of Michael J. Rogers (R-MI) to grease the wagon-wheels of change.

Think of all the money you will save in the future without ever buying another iPad or Nintendo for your squealing brats.

Think of how cheap entertainment will be when the thieving copyright infringers no longer have use of the internet!


Please donate bitcoins to our address: 18zJouAQAMzX5sJygZ4M2QV7yb8FzxSbdq

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May God have Mercy upon our souls

April 21, 2013 in Uncategorized by admin

The stability of world politics, economics, defense readiness, and privacy are fatally threatened by intractable problems created by the internet. Enemy nations and independent espionage organizations like Wikileaks have obtained and leaked billions of important American secrets directly to Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Russia, and China. Anarchists have created secret currencies and underground networks outside the watchful eye of the public where weapons, guns, and child sex slaves are trafficked by more and more people on the internet every day.

How can we work together to bring an end to the Internet?

The Stop Internet Lawlessness Law, or #STILL, is a bill proposed by US Representative Michael J. Rogers, Chairman of the Permanent Select Committe on Intelligence, and with the support of your representatives it will systematically shut down the internet one safe step at a time.

The nightmare will soon be over. Contact your representative now and tell him to Stop The Internet!